When I met with Mike and Lara they were busily preparing to launch Dela Bristol, their Scandi-inspired café-bar-restaurant that is located on the bottom floor of a studio full of artists and creative businesses.

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When we met Lara and Mike in Bristol, paintbrush in hand and putting the finishing touches to their new venture, they were open and honest about how their foundations have been both knocked and shaped by elements out of their control.

“It’s amazing the number of outside factors that influence and shape your business before you even get going – especially if you are launching a physical space. The competition on your street, the type of customers in the area, the names that fit your business and brand perfectly (but is also available online), the suppliers you want to use to get the best products locally – they all affect the final product.”

What can marketers learn from Dela?

It’s a stressful time in the lead up to launch and there are many balls to juggle – if brands can support start-ups in helping guide them through the obstacles and forks in the road that they come up against, they will become much more ‘sticky’ as the business continues to grow.


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