Think Small

Join us on a journey into the minds of small business owners – with real stories, insights and resources designed to help B2B marketers stand out and make meaningful connections with this blossoming customer group. It’s time to Think Small.


The Research

We worked in partnership with Imperial College London to conduct a brand new study to find out ‘How small businesses really buy’.
Here is what we discovered, along with secondary research and a set of 5 principles to help guide your future marketing.

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The Trip

What better way to find out what’s on the minds of small business owners than by asking them face to face? For two weeks, we got out of the London bubble and drove cross-country to meet with small business owners throughout the UK.

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The Long Read

After diving into The Research and returning home from The Trip, our understanding of the world of small business owners in 2017 has been radically realigned. Here is our in-depth assessment and interpretation of everything marketers need to know to reach small business owners – and how to spot ‘the nod’.

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Earnest has gone to all of this trouble so that you don’t have to. Drop us a line if you’d like to raise your B2B marketing game, and let us give you the benefit of our small business insight.

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