Furniture Box

Furniture Box is an online flat pack furniture store run by Monty and Dan in the middle of Wiltshire. Selling primarily through eBay and Tesco Direct, they are on a mission to become the go-to supplier for kitting out the house.

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Monty, who set up the firm, started his first business venture at the tender age of 12 selling sushi kits on eBay. By 18, he had found his niche in selling furniture.

On the face of it, the business model for Furniture Box is very simple.

Monty and Dan choose a series of products (all flat packed) from a supplier in China, get the furniture shipped over, sell the product ranges on various websites and then ship to customers whenever they are ordered.

But behind the scenes, things are a little more complicated. The business relies on a network of ten different suppliers in China, as well as three delivery partners, accountants, currency brokers, insurance brokers and vendors – and their key channel partners who they sell through.

This network of partners essentially is the business and depends on partners and suppliers that are helpful, reliable and ultimately an extension of their own business and the Furniture Box brand. You could really see what this meant for Monty and Dan when they were looking for brands to partner with.

What can marketers learn from Furniture Box?

Brands that want to be part of these partnership networks need to understand they are not just selling a product or a service; they really are fitting in as an important cog in the works for the people they sell to. Yes, cog not spanner. That demands brands to do their utmost to look after their small business customers and build long lasting relationships and stop focusing on pure acquisition.