Lynwood & Co Café

Rob Broadbent is the owner of Lynwood & Co – two high-end cafés in Lechlade that serve quality food, artisan bread and great coffee to the local community.

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Rob came over to the UK from Australia, and after working in hospitality for a number of years wanted to set up a business that brought some of the Australian culture to the UK – namely good coffee and the social culture that surrounds the coffee shops.

Lynwood opened its first shop in the small town of Letchlade in Gloucestershire, and when we went to meet Rob there the sense of the community around the business was clear to see.

“The best bit about growing Lynwood has been the support from the local community. They have been so supportive, from spreading the word of the shop, to helping me out wherever they can to just their regular custom. And in turn I have tried to give something back. We buy our meat from the local butcher who comes in to buy his coffee and all of the bread we sell in the shop is from a friend down the road.”

In return, Lynwood acts as a social hub for the local community and for local businesses to meet and network – as a result making themselves the epicentre of local businesses.

What can marketers learn from Lynwood and Co.?

Local communities and networks may prove the hardest thing for bigger businesses to break into, but if you can find a way chances are potential small business customers will lend you their ear.

If you want to avoid being seen as an out-of- touch corporate behemoth, kick that brand advertising into touch and get out there doing your bit on the ground. Be a brand providing a platform for small businesses to share and benefit from each other’s expertise.