The National Videogame Arcade

The National Videogame Arcade was set up and run by Iain Simons, with the aim of creating a space where people can explore the history of videogames and learn about the designers and producers behind the games that are made today.

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We met Iain in his office surrounded by videogaming memorabilia – heaven for nerds like us –
where he told us his story and his encounter with near failure.

“The biggest thing you think about when you start your own business is what’s the worst than can happen. And then the absolute worst does happen and it’s a strange feeling. It’s sort of like you’re watching a film with yourself in it and thinking ‘I wonder what he’s going to do now?’”

Iain thinks the real reason businesses don’t want to stare failure in the face is through fear of looking stupid, something he said he got over the minute he stepped on stage in his younger years as an improv actor.

“It doesn’t matter does it? It’s just part of it. Everyone has fucked something up. If this fails, you can always do something else. To be honest, I wish I took more risks than I did – just saying it out loud it is 90% of the problem already overcome.

I just want to have an interesting day – that’s it. It’s not all-smooth sailing but at the end of the day that’s all part of it. The highs and the lows.” Iain’s parting note was about bigger businesses – and the real difference between them and him.

“Nobody on the outside wants to make a decision, because they don’t care. I care. It’s my fault. It’s got to be your fault.”

What can marketers learn from the National Videogame Arcade?

Marketers and business need to understand better the highs and lows of failure and bravery and what that means to their potential customers. Failure is very real and very scary and anything they can do to help prospects or current customers through these peaks and troughs will gain them maximum respect.

The National Videogame Arcade

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